Meeting with Mina

Version : Français

Everything started with a film that I discovered in 1989: “Camille Claudel” staring Isabelle Adjani and Gérard Dépardieu.

From one day to another, everything changed. My dreams, my desires, my work, my calendar… It was at Adam (an art supply store) that I saw this ad: “Artist’s workshop with living models. For more information contact Annick”.

The next day I started my first piece. I didn’t stop until the birth of my children.

1997, my daughters are five and I decide to find my way back to the workshop. A few months later Annick advises me to leave and start working by myself, because “on your own, you will improve more”.

At first, it was hard, group work gives a feeling of protection, and human contact brings answers… Everything started from there.

Why the monumental? I don’t know. I don’t have an answer to everything.

My father had a garden. There was a workspace. I had the place, the room. Everything was there and I only had to let myself go, grab the matter and let the inspiration come to me.

But for the first time I was facing myself, facing my own questioning: what are the limits of the physical? What are the limits of sculpture? But also the form and the substance. The matter and the substance. The meeting between matter and form?

Bronze is a noble material, which is why I chose to work with it at the beginning.

Since then I have worked with other materials: plaster, metal and soldering with Le Derwich; resin, aluminium and glass with Cube7.

I like it when it’s big, voluminous, heavy.
I don’t like restrictions. Monumental sculpture also means facing a challenge when it comes to creating details and finding harmony. It is a long journey…

I have always created my monumentals freehand, except for Le Derwich which I enlarged with the help of a pantograph.

I work intuitively and can only create when I am feeling good.

As time goes by I discover what connects me with my works: after twenty years of creating monumental women, Le Derwich is my inner man: “With women, a feeling triggers a thought. With men, it’s the thought that triggers the feeling.”

And finally, Cube7, Universality. Maturity? Next step: wisdom.

Today, the journey continues… And I know that I’m not yet done with monumentals.