Le Renversé de Diane

Version : Français

From 1991 to 1997 I dedicated myself to my children.

In 1998, my father, who was my mentor, pointed with a playful tone

at Le Renversé, which was on my desk:

I like the pose, you should make it bigger”.

I started to work on a three meter wax piece.

It was this wax draft that seduced my first “monumental” client.

He imagined Le Renversé de Diane at his home, next to the sea.

I discovered his immense and magnificent park.

I decided to make it even bigger.

I move into a friend’s studio, himself an artist,
who will help me with this first enlargement.

When it was time to go to the foundry,
we had to break the studio’s door to get the sculpture through,
it was over five meters long (and 1m10 high).

Le Renversé de Diane required nine steps from the casting to the burnishing.

It is twelve hundred kilos
of five millimetre thick
hollow bronze.

The monumental adventure was starting.


Le Renversé de Diane, 2000
Bronze – 17,38 ft x 3,60 ft


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