Derwich Monumenta

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In 2010, across from my studio: 700 m² of free space.

I had dreamt of The Derwich becoming bigger.

In a month everything was organized.

I had found the team.

The adventure was starting.

When it came to the skirt’s plaster (89m²) I asked myself “How am I going to do that?”

A man appeared, he had retired the day before… a plasterer.

The magic could continue.

During the finishing touches, a man walks through the door.

We talk beneath The Derwich… he says he sees it in Turkey.

This idea stays in my mind…As soon as it was finished, in July of the same year,

Derwich Monumenta left, by land and by sea, for Istanbul.

Twenty-five people for one energy.

The pleasure of creating, of facing and resolving technical, organisational and human challenges.

Magic was born from itself, everything was there: the space, the light, the synchronicity.


Derwich Monumenta, 2010
Metal and resin structure
2 copies: 22,9 ft and 27,9 ft, 5 tons/11 023,11 lb

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